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Why pay for a product you never receive? Our innovative Pay-Per-Lead system means you only pay for Patients you actually get.

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See how our unique New Patient Generation system really works--and what it really costs.

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We find new patients so you can focus on things you want to do--like providing top quality care.

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See how our unique New Patient Generation system really works and what it really costs.

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What Makes Health Services Media Different?

Hundreds of private practices trust us for new client acquisition, and with good reason. Never risk your money when advertising again or pay for anything without guaranteed results. We are the only pay-for-performance medical marketing company

Performance vs. Traditional Advertising

Whether you are an established chiropractor or are just starting out, it is essential you do some type of advertising to draw new patients to your practice. The key to a successful practice is to keep your patient acquisition costs as low as possible--and the best way to determine if your methods are costing you too much is by examining different types of advertising and their effectiveness.

The Real Cost of the Pay-Per-Lead System

If you are considering Health Services Media as a marketing partner, we understand that it has to make economic sense for you. Below are the metrics of a typical chiropractic office, which show how utilizing HSM can greatly benefit the growth of your practice and lower your overall cost of client acquisition.

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