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Press Release

Health Services Media Launches in San Francisco and Miami

October 5, 2010

Health Services Media (HSM), a groundbreaking cost per acquisition medical marketing company servicing the chiropractic community, announces the initial rollout of their services in the San Francisco, CA and Miami, FL metropolitan areas. HSM's innovative marketing programs attract new chiropractic patients on a fixed cost per lead basis. Because HSM removes the burden of new client acquisition, the chiropractic professional is able to focus exclusively on client well-being while still growing their patient base.

HSM utilizes proven methods of local advertising (radio, television and the internet) to attract new clients to their network of preferred chiropractors. New patients are then able to book appointments directly with local community chiropractors who have joined the network. Clients know they are getting a chiropractor vetted through HSM and chiropractors no longer have to worry about their advertising efforts.

HSM representative Brandon Blum remarks, "In this depressed economic climate, many chiropractors feel it can be especially difficult to fund costly advertising campaigns and attract new patients. Some were experiencing a dwindling client base and felt frustrated and worried about declining revenues. They found the solution to this dilemma with our unique cost per lead model. Now the doctor knows exactly what a new patient costs and can leave the advertising to us."

The HSM service is actually quite simple. A chiropractor contracts for the exclusive rights to new patients in their zip code and provides HSM with a description of their practice (specialties, education, office hours, etc.). HSM then targets their advertising to the pertinent localities and attracts potential patients who want to consult with a doctor in their area. Interested patients contact HSM, who in turn record their contact information and transfer them to the nearest network chiropractor. Now that the chiropractor has a booked client, all they need to worry about is treating the patient.

Health Services Media plans to aggressively expand their chiropractic lead system nationwide during the 3rd quarter of 2010. HSM is confident that as they grow, word will spread regarding the benefits of chiropractic treatment as a non-surgical, non- evasive alternative to traditional medical procedures. HSM, the first performance-based medical marketing company for chiropractors, truly is charting a new course for medical professionals.