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Pay-Per-Lead Medical Marketing

The HSM service is actually quite simple. A chiropractor contracts for the exclusive rights to new patients in their zip code and provides HSM with a description of their practice (specialties, education, office hours, etc.). HSM then targets their advertising to the pertinent localities and attracts potential patients who want to consult with a doctor in their area. Interested patients contact HSM, who in turn record their contact information and transfer them to the nearest network chiropractor.

Now that the chiropractor has a booked client, all they need to worry about is treating the patient. There is absolutely no risk involved in the advertising process, the chiropractor only pays for verifiable results.

Top Medical Directories

Don't worry about not having an adequate online presence for your practice. We provide all of our pay-for-performance marketing clients with free listings in the premium section of our directory of 50,000+ chiropractors. Each premium listing is fully customizable by the chiropractor and provides all of the internet visibility your practice needs.